10 LB Yoga Sandbag

10 LB Yoga Sandbag

10 LB Yoga Sandbag

  • 10 LB weight do deepen your yoga poses, alignment, stability and stretch
  • A sandbag on each thigh in bound angle pose helps the hips open, so consider a pair
  • Stretch your hamstrings with this under your feet
  • Give yourself a lift in seated poses. Washable nylon Packcloth and natural sand.
  • Handcrafted with pride in Chicago USA by Bean Products

This ten pound sandbag will help you deepen your posture by adding weight in different poses. Use it on your thighs, shoulders, abdomen, or with its sturdy handle use it as a weight for stretching and toning. High quality nylon packcloth, convenient handle. 10 Lbs. Hand made in Chicago, USA by Bean Products


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