KettleGuard Kettlebell Wrist Guard Reviews

KettleGuard Kettlebell Wrist Guard

KettleGuard Kettlebell Wrist Guard

  • Wrist protection for Kettlebell training. Designed by Masters of Sport in Kettlebell Lifting!
  • Design by Kettlebell Lifters for Kettlebell training. Used by Champions as seen on YouTube!
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,726,413 – used by World Champions – at the World Kettlebell Championships in Russia!
  • Adjustable inserts for varying levels of impact. Add or remove inserts
  • Competition Version approved for all IUKL and IGSF Kettlebell International Championships!

KettleGuard is the only protective wrist band product on the market (U.S. Patent No. 8,726,413) to address the technical and comfort issues associated with kettlebell lifting and training. KettleGuard is the choice of World Champions and beginners alike! KettleGuard has protected athletes on the platform at IUKL World & European Championships, WKC World Championships, as well as countless other prestigious International Kettlebell Competitions! The Compact Version is Kettlebell Sport Ready and approved by IUKL, IGSF, and all Kettlebell Sport Federations! KettleGuard is the only adjustable wrist protection device available for kettlebell lifting. Add or remove inserts to accommodate your level of comfort! Add or remove inserts as you progress in your training!


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