The SOCKIT Light Up Youth Soccer Kicking Trainer Aid

The SOCKIT Light Up Youth Soccer Kicking Trainer Aid

The SOCKIT Light Up Youth Soccer Kicking Trainer Aid

  • The Sockit lights up to provide instant feedback
  • Made From Industrial Strength Thermal Plastic Rubber
  • Made to withstand, shock, impact, and other extreme conditions. Quite simply it’s made to be kicked. And kicked. And kicked.
  • 6 LEDs powered with a replaceable lithium battery
  • One Size Fits All

SOCKIT’s innovative design instantly lights up to signal perfection when a player strikes the ball helping to teach and practice the correct foot to ball technique. Your soccer star will immediately understand the ultimate feeling of a solid strike in real time with the only wearable training aid that joins how it looks and feels when you strike a ball correctly. From the ground up: Like most parents of a soccer player, Joe Briganti wanted to find a simple and effective way to help his two young daughters become more skilled at soccer. After searching sporting goods stores, online retailers, and trying countless training aids nothing lived up to Joe or his daughters’ expectations of fun with real results. And so with that, SOCKIT was born. SOCKIT builds confidence, empowers players to practice more, improves foot-eye coordination, creates dialogue between players, parents and coaches, eliminates self doubt and reminds us all of why we play sports in the first place…BECAUSE IT’S FUN! Our innovative sports technology and unique wearable foot-band is made from Industrial Strength Thermal Plastic Rubber or (TPR). Formulated with vertical suppleness and torsional rigidity for a perfect fit and long lasting performance. Our “Pod” is created from a high impact resistant polycarbonate extrusions made to withstand, shock, impact, and other extreme conditions. Each SOCKIT is produced with 6 high intensity LEDs each producing a full 10 lumens of daytime visible brightness in either Premier red or Major League blue. And each SOCKIT is efficiently powered by a replaceable C2106 Lithium battery enabling a long life span of over 8,000. Each revolutionary SOCKIT foot-band is one size fits all and still fully customizable for a perfect fit. SOCKIT also accommodates various positions like on top of player’s laces or to the side for different kicking techniques and practice focuses. The SOCKIT inner POD and innovative TRP band are fully washable.


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