Yoga Socks, Non Slip Toeless Grip Socks for Women

Yoga Socks, Non Slip Toeless Grip Socks for Women

Yoga Socks, Non Slip Toeless Grip Socks for Women

  • BEST QUALITY YOGA SOCKS AVAILABLE; Bella Yoga Grip Socks are made with a form-fitting toeless design, promoting better flexibility and range of motion in your toes; Our premium sock, provides slip-resistant tread (pattern) on the sole providing excellent control, traction and helps keep you balanced and stable (superior non slip grip through all yoga poses).
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE; OUR SOCKS WON’T FALL APART; Our Yoga socks are made from premium materials that stay comfortable and keep their form wash after wash; No slip yoga socks are perfect for traveling without a mat; Perfect for Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, dance or just lounging around; Easily get them on your feet in less than a minute; Perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced yoga students; Easy to pack.
  • GREAT HYGIENIC ALTERNATIVE TO PRACTICING BAREFOOT; Protect your feet from exposure to floor foot fungus in public studios; A must for those who practice hot yoga, Bikram, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and all other forms of yoga.
  • KEEP YOUR FEET WARM ON COLD MORNING WORKOUTS; The half toe design lets your toes breathe and takes advantage of the best grips you already have, your own toes.
  • OUR YOGA SOCKS FIT SNUG TO THE FOOT AND ANKLE; A perfect sock for most sport activities requiring sure footing; We focus exclusively on creating high quality women’s athletic yoga clothing, socks & accessories.

Keeping your balance and looking great has never been so easy with our yoga socks. They are a perfect combination of luxury and versatility. Starting with the cotton, a premium blend of softness and durability that provides a feeling of freedom, yet at the same time holds up to wash after wash. The sock is snug and cradles the foot and ankle. They can easily slip into a shoe or boot adding extra support. Refinements include a unique fashion design cut out on top of the sock, which adds breathability and at the same time keeps the foot muscle warm and flexible. Each sock is made to fit a variety of foot sizes and widths. Hand or machine wash. Air dry flat. Imported.

Benefits of Wearing Yoga Socks:

No Yoga mat needed

Eliminate slipping with our ultra-grip soles that support even the most strenuous yoga, kickboxing, aerobic, dance or Pilates sessions.

Your foot stays dry, comfortable and allowed to breathe.

Increase your balance and ability to learn the most strenuous yoga stances.

Hand wash, lay flat, let dry.

Barrier between your foot, bacteria and fungi.

Can be used in the yoga studio, hotel room, train and more.

Strengthen your foot muscles.

Relieve foot pain and overexertion.

Unbeatable Guarantee:

Put our yoga socks through their paces or just wear them around the house. Then drop us an email and let us know what you think. If you are not 100 percent completely satisfied, contact us through Amazon within 30 days of your purchase, for a no questions asked refund. It’s that simple.


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